That girl

IMG_0612*That Girl according to Urban dictionary is a female in any social situation who purposefully draws attention to herself, resulting in “that girl” being hated by majority in the room. 


Chapter 1

Today when she woke up, it was there yet again, lunging on her heart puncturing it silently. The fight between conscience, love, faith and pride were happening right behind those twinkly eyes and cheery smile!!! She thought it’s been too long pushing the envelope, perhaps today is the day to stand the truth! How does she tell them?Should she tell over phone or in person? Will they shun her away ? Will they accept her?

Now this happens with her at least once every day, same little rattle…Apparently she is not able to figure out- whether it’s just another ‘Informed choice’ she made, like the time she wanted to pursue arts and not science or has she really disturbed the balance of the existing skeleton of society. But then she thought wasn’t then also elders of all sorts, grades, subjects, areas unitedly objected to it…
She still has those words reverberating from the time when she was invited for lunch by someone very close and they remarked,- “What you have done is not NORMAL’.
Back then and even now she hasn’t really figured out what’s not normal in that…!!! They didn’t even say- UNIQUE, for then she would have thought uniqueness is absolutely better than ‘Generalness’

With these thoughts, keeping her both lost and occupied, she quickly shuffles through her wardrobe humming ……coz I am happy……lalala….coz I am happy…..

Almost ready and with the buzzing sound of that coffee maker, her thoughts also fade away but just for a moment…
Sipping her early morning coffee, she rushes for her work, avoiding confrontations of her mighty heart…
“B’bye”, she says to him gushing, and hurriedly sits in the cab that’s been waiting down since the time those intimate conversations of her heart were brewing, at the same time like coffee.